GTA V Goes Mobile With Streaming Mod

Rockstar may have been steadily releasing older GTA games from the 3D era on mobile platforms, but who would have thought that the most recent game in the franchise would be the next game we can enjoy on our phones? Streaming has become the newest fad in the gaming industry, albeit the rapid growth in popularity that VR is enjoying may bring around a swift end to that. The idea is that a single PC anywhere in your house can stream content to any screen connected via the streaming device, to which the controller is also connected.

Several streaming services are available from the flashy big-name ones like nVidia's Shield line which requires specialized hardware, all the way to free homebrew phone apps. One such app is Remotr, allows for PC-to-phone streaming - if you're not afraid of a bit of fiddling.

Technically what experienced GTA V modder TheRealFookin has put together is actually a mod for Remotr which enables compatibility with GTA V alongside a fitting control scheme. You'll need to download Remotr on both your phone and PC as well as the mod itself for this to work. Once you've set everything up as instructed in the mod's description, the phone's screen will act as your display for GTA V and an on-screen touch-control overlay will allow you to control the game from your phone - while it's actually running on the PC.


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Sure, that's all cool - but why? Well, the appeal of streaming is that gaming is no longer restricted to the chair in front of the PC. Whether you're in the bedroom, in the kitchen, on the toilet (this will be the most popular option) or in the garage, you'll be able to play. Someone else doing something on the PC? Let GTA V run in the background, you play on the phone and they can do whatever.

Any of you guys plan on racking up some hours in GTA V while on the loo?

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