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GTA V Gets Yet Another Graphics Mod

Despite GTA V's PC version being lauded by many to be one of the most visually astounding games currently around (on maximum settings) graphical mods make up a large chunk of fan-made content for the game. While these kinds of mods take some of the most know-how to make, there are plenty to talented GTA V fans dedicated enough to keep the selection wide and fresh.

We try to cover all the major players of the GTA V graphical modding community as there is something of an unspoken race going on between the biggest and best mods out there. You've all surely heard of ENBSeries, Toddyhancer and SweetFX, haven't you?

These mods are made by a niche, for a niche, as running them takes even more juice than playing GTA V at maximum settings and even that requires a seriously beefy PC. However, if you have the hardware, these mods can make GTA V look as real as life.


The race has recently gotten a new competitor. While the team working on this doesn't have the strict, by-the-book professional set-up as ENB does, for example, their mod is more than capable of holding its own against the heavy hitters. The mod has a smaller team working on it that most others too, which is more than impressive.

The CrystalReality Project is the newest dog on the graphics mod block. Since the graphics race is more of a friendly rivalry than a war, like most other mods this one is also cross-compatible with various fan-made visual enhancers. As per standard graphics mod procedure, the textures and shaders are the files that got the most attention in the overhaul, however CrystalReality sets itself apart from the crowd by focusing on the weather more than the rivals do.


Of course, the lighting, particle effects, shadows and colors all got a touch up as well, resulting in a visual experience which goes head-to-head with some of the best graphical mods out there. You'll need an expert's eye to spot the differences, but if you're a connoisseur of video game visuals, this will be a great subject for comparison.

Putting together a solid graphics mod is pretty much a full-time job considering the amount of effort it requires. Quentin-Tarantino, OscarStreet, Elimina - the team behind CrystalReality - have put countless work-hours into making this mod such a masterpiece. The mod's page has an easy link through which satisfied users may donate to enable to creators to continue supporting the mod.


Which of the many graphical mods for GTA V do you personally prefer?


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