GTA V Gets RPG Mod

The modding community for GTA V is extremely vibrant despite Rockstar's best efforts (we kid, they've stated that they're okay with single-player modding). From tiny mods such as simple skins, to the addition of some vehicles such as the legendary jet-pack, through meticulous graphical mods that fine-tune the game's visuals, all the way to massive mods which fundamentally alter GTA V's features and gameplay.



The newest mod that is changing and adding new gameplay features is GTA: RPG, which expands on the slight RPG elements present in GTA Online. We've reported on another upcoming mod that will be adding RPG functionality to the game, however this one is already available. GTA: RPG adds fairly detailed skill-trees and and a dialogue system optimized for role-playing. This mod is the brain-child of LogicSpawn, hailing from the UK. Alongside the aforementioned ability trees and conversation system, the mod also features a broad class system, which, naturally, determines what kind of skills you can invest in, and also includes specializations. In addition there is a large amount of new side-missions and activities for you to test your new unique skills and abilities. Check out a video detailing what the mod entails below!

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As you can see a ton of effort has been put into this mod with a character creator, a leveling system and the RPG-like inventory being complemented by a loot-system. As you'll see the health bar has been relocated as the small bar below the minimap is now dedicated to displaying your character's name, level and class. The mod is a work in progress, as a few slight errors seen in the video attest, however it is being constantly updated with new features also being added alongside bugfixes. You can download the mod here.



What do you guys think of this mod? Are you among those players who expected to see more RPG elements in GTA V?

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