GTA V Gets Motherload Of Star Wars Vehicles

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens opens in theaters a week from now. The tension is palpable, and the hype is flowing over into GTA V once again through the power of modding.


Star Wars is known and liked for many things. An epic story, unique visuals, iconic characters and locations, lightsabers, space magic (screw you, Phantom Menace), and awesome, awesome, awesome vehicles. Obviously the emphasis is on the spaceships when we talk Star Wars, however the franchise has given us a massive pool of cooler than cool sci-fi walkers, speeders, land vehicles, mechs and tanks as well. Nothing will be more ominous than the spindly leg of an AT-AT in a snowstorm.


Modders have been bringing the vehicles of Star Wars to GTA V for some time now. X-wings, Luke's landspeeder and even the intimidating Imperial Star Destroyer have made appearances in GTA V. Now, one modder has brought three more iconic vehicles from George Lucas' legendary world to Los Santos.

The Tie Interceptor, the Milennium Falcon and the BARC Speeder can now all be driven in GTA V. How the Milennium Falcon wasn't literally the first Star Wars vehicle to get a GTA V mod is beyond us, but at least the community got a hold of itself and caught up.

The Tie Interceptor, arguably the coolest looking of all the ships in the Imperial TIE starfighter line, replaces the Laser fighter in GTA V. The mod includes a proper cockpit model as well, so if you switch to first person, you'll truly get an authentic TIE experience.


The Millennium Falcon is, well, the Millennium Falcon. We really don't need to say more. You know what this is and you know you're going to download it. Don't line. Han shot first.

Finally, the BARC Speeder. Not particularly iconic in any way, the BARC was a one-man speeder bike from the Clone Wars era. Not much to say about this one, other than it looks good.

Will you guys be seeing The Force Awakens day one?

Aron Gerencser
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