GTA V Gets Iconic Mad Max Vehicle And More

Sometimes a movie or game is released which makes massive waves in popular culture. Typically a good way of identifying these franchises is by seeing if they have inspired two or more GTA V mods around the time that they are relevant. Great examples of this would be Fallout 4 and Star Wars (specifically episode 7, The Force Awakens), both of which have had plenty of mods and fan videos made for GTA V.


Another such franchise, one that we are focusing on today, is Mad Max and more specifically the recently released Fury Road. Mad Max has been known for its sandy post-apocalyptic world and the iconic tacked-together rides. Fury Road dials the wacky cars to maximum with massive weaponized semis, vehicles with random spikes jutting out from every direction and a massive truck ticked out with a ludicrous amount of speakers.


The so called Doof Wagon can now show the citizens of Los Santos a good time thanks to prestigious modder Abstractmode. We've covered the work of this modder and Youtuber before and with good reason.

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His newest project, the Funny Vehicles Pack #1, which contains the aforementioned Doof Wagon also has a few other funky rides for discerning players. The pack inlcudes Santa's Sleigh, a car with a dead guy in the trunk, a dangerous shopping cart, a flat back with a DJ playing tunes, an old, green truck packed with weed, a similar van towing a stolen ATM, and finally a van that you "drive" from the surfboard strapped to the top.


If the mod's title is to be believed we can look forward to even more such wacky cars coming from Abstractmode, so hopefully we'll get a ride-able Easter Bunny sometime in the spring, along with a truck that has a pool in the back instead of a dance party.

What kinds of crazy vehicles would you like to see modded into GTA V?


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