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GTA V Gets Grappling Hook


On the off chance that you've gotten bored of the fantastic Jetpack mod that was recently released for GTA V, there is a fun new way to traverse the massive map.

The grappling hook, a rather common device in gaming, is potentially one of the coolest ways to get from point A to point B. Recently popularized by Just Cause 2, grappling hooks are popping up more and more in games. The recently revealed Dishonored 2's E3 trailer clearly depicts some sort of ethereal grappling hook of sorts, and the device has found its way into other popular franchises.


GTA is no exception, however, in this case, the grappling hook comes as a courtesy of a modder called JulioNIB, also responsible for the Jetpack mod. Based entirely on the incarnation of the device seen in Just Cause 2, the same kind of mayhem that the game became famous for can now be achieved in GTA. Currently, the hook connects to vehicles, buildings and pedestrians, but JulioNIB is hard at work on the next version, in which the hook will connect to support objects as well. Functionality wise, the grappling hook works just as it did in Just Cause 2. You can fire the hook at something and pull yourself towards it, or tether various objects and people together to cause some A grade insanity.

Just Cause 2 was a popular game, though people cried for a multiplayer mode, as the game had such a penchant for wanton destruction and un-scripted awesome that more people messing around the island could only be better. A mod on Steam added multiplayer functionality to JC2, and, as expected, it was wildly popular, fun and insane (I had more guilty fun with that mod than I'm ready to admit.).

Despite this, the upcoming sequel, Just Cause 3 will launch without a multiplayer mode, however the grappling hook is coming back. In the meanwhile, you can play GTA V with the awesome device.

Have you guys played any of the Just Cause games? What did you think?


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