GTA V Gets Good Old Robbery Thanks To Mod

In what has seemingly become a new trend, more and more GTA V mods are geared towards adding the ability to perform various acts of small time crime. Car-jacking, kidnapping and taking hostages are now all possibilities in the game thanks to mods. Why people think that what GTA V needs more of is crime is beyond us, but judging by the popularity of these mods many players think it does!


The most recent addition to the long list of petty crimes you can commit in GTA V is robbery. You can now finally waltz into any store, pull out your gun and get the clerk to hand over all the cash in the counter. This is one of those things which really should have been in the game by default, however Rockstar decided against it.


The mod comes to us from Sladernimo, who is also responsible for the permadeath mod. This Rob Mod once again features a novel's worth of legal notices, but once you dig out the description you'll get a better picture of the features.

With this mod you can not only rob shops and businesses but random pedestrians as well. All you need do is draw and aim at the desired victim and wait out the standard 10 to 25 seconds, then the money should drop. Sometimes victims will try to flee, but pointing the gun at them will generally force them to stop in their tracks.


Once you've robbed someone you won't be able to rob the same poor schmuck again until a certain amount of time passes. The amount of money you get is completely random so you might get more out of a hobo than a PED with a nice suit - but then, why would you rob a hobo? Not cool.

What other kinds of petty crimes would you like to see in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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