GTA V Gets Dashcams, Police RP Improves

GTA V mods are so numerous at this point that getting mods that mod other mods was inevitable. Of course, there is the map maker mod, which makes the base mod a requirement for loading custom maps, but when players take a given mod and alter it, or just add to it, you've got something really meta on your hands.

One of the most popular mods for GTA V happens to be one that gets re-modded all the time by the players themselves, or coupled with numerous other mods to make the experience more whole. We are talking about the incredibly detailed and ambitious LSPDFR mod, which acts as a total conversion for the game, turning it into a police simulator.

The dev team have loaded their mod chock-full of content and features, but the community always comes up with new things. This is why LSPDFR is extremely receptive towards other mods, specifically ones that work together with it.



Enter the Dashcam mod from PieRGud. The mod is pretty self-explanatory - it adds a camera mounted on the dashboard of various law enforcement vehicles in the game. You can switch to the dashcam while driving or when you're on foot out and about. There is an optional grayscale filter mode as well, if you're into realistic RP.

You can edit pretty much anything about the display of the cam, such as which police department is cited as the user, the unit number of the vehicle you're in and the date format.


This mod is obviously aimed at players interested in police role-playing, as it adds to the feeling of authenticity, but serves no other purpose. There isn't any actual benefit in terms of gameplay beyond that you can, I don't know, have a better view of what's directly in front of your car? You won't hit squirrels?

We jest, of course. This is a solid mod, with the only bug being that leaving a car with Dashcam turned on will turn it off when you get back in - but honestly, that kinda makes sense, too.


A cool way of expanding this mod would be to have the dashcam record stuff. Of course, you have the Editor for that, but nonetheless, it would add to the realism factor of mod, which is after all what we're all here for, right?

Do you like playing as police in GTA V with the use of various mods?

Aron Gerencser
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