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GTA V Gets Another Just Cause Mod

When it comes to causing mayhem and wanton destruction few open world games measure up to GTA V. Just Cause 3 happens to be one of them.

The recently released third installment of the Just Cause franchise, developed by Avalanche Studios, sees the return of both the main character from the previous games and his trusty grappling hook. The iconic tool, which admittedly was only introduced in the second game, was previously modded into GTA V by modder legend JulioNIB.

This time around GTA V gets one of the new toys introduced in JC3... and coming from a different author. Kurt2467, whose work we've featured before, has ported over the Booster Explosives from the game.

Those among you with programming know-how and some gaming industry experience probably know how messy in-game physics can get. It makes it all the more impressive that Kurt managed to get the physics of the boosters right.


Basically, these are small, sticky devices that output enough thrust to move almost anything that they're attached to. If you put one on the rear end of a car, it won't just go in a straight line, but spin realistically. If you put multiple boosters in different orientations you can get the object moving diagonally.

This mod allows you to carry a maximum of five boosters at a time and they all have a five second timer after being placed before they blow. They work with any mobile object in GTA V though the author suggests using them on vehicles and PEDs.

Something of a rarity among mods, this one features controller support. If you prefer the comfort of a joystick while enjoying the superior hardware of a PC, this mod will still work for you.


Now, all we need is the Just Cause 3 wingsuit modded into GTA V. What iconic items from other franchises would you like to see modded into GTA V?


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