GTA V Gets A Teleportation Gun

Here's one more mod to add to the list of "simple, silly, but fun as hell" fan additions the game has been getting. With the GTA V modding community being as big as it is, you'd think someone would have thought of this earlier, and while there is a more-or-less functional Portal Gun mod out there, it isn't quite like this.

Just when you thought a jet pack, grappling hook, or maybe a whole suit of high tech powered armor may be the only fun way of travelling through Los Santos and Blaine County... do we have a wacky treat for you.

The Teleportation Gun by Sweet Phil is simple, on paper. You point it at an NPC, pull the trigger, and appear right next to the NPC. You point it at a vehicle, pull the trigger, and appear at the helm of said vehicle. If there is someone driving the vehicle at the time, they get booted out of it. The mod has been updated over time, giving the teleportation gun more abilities such as freeze, and the good old explode, as well as fixing a few bugs.



While all of this sounds like it could give players a few laughs, it looks like the kind of thing that gets old after about five minutes, after which you're back to playing GTA V by its own rules. And if not used properly, this is quite true.

However, the teleportation gun shines in the hand of a skilled user. Cross massive distances by way of teleport-leapfrog over crowds of NPCs. Teleport into planes flying high above you. Knock a police officer out of their chopper during a fevered chase. Accidentally press the "explode" button while aiming at a hapless PED at the top of some cliff.

Yeah. These are all possible with the mod.

Who'd be interested in more official wacky weaponry in GTA V, like the railgun?

Aron Gerencser
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