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GTA V Gets a Jetpack Thanks to Mods


Oh, PC gaming, I love thee so. Not a day goes by without some news posting about the newest GTA V mod that enjoys great popularity. Lifting over features from previous Grand Theft Auto games and adding them to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V isn't exactly a novel idea, since it has been done with the maps of Vice City from the installment in the series of the same name, and Liberty City from Grand Theft Auto IV. The newest feature to get the GTA V mod treatment is the Jetpack from 2005's San Andreas.

A universally recognizable icon of the series, anyone with any knowledge of the gaming scene knows that the Jetpack is a staple of GTA: San Andreas. Ever since Grand Theft Auto V launched way back in 2013, players have been looking for the Jetpack. It was logical to assume that Rockstar would have hidden the iconic item somewhere in their foray back to Los Santos for players with a flare for exploration to find, considering their love of easter eggs and references. However, after years of looking, players began to lose hope that they will ever find the fabled Jetpack. Could Rockstar really have left it out, or did they just hide it really, really well?

Either way, the PC gaming crowd is a resourceful group, and if they want something, eventually, they'll make it happen. Modding, you see, is a beautiful thing. It is what has kept GTA V in the news pretty much every day since launch. If it weren't for popular gaming news outlets reporting on either the newest, craziest mods or videos made with the Rockstar Editor (also, only on PC), then we would only hear of GTA V very rarely.

Where I'm going with this is, one PC gamer got fed up with searching for the Jetpack. What did he do?

He modded it into the game.

Very much a work in progress, the Jetpack mod for GTA V isn't yet available, but once it has been perfected, anyone will be able to enjoy cruising around Los Santos. Functionally the same as its decade-old counterpart (damn, that was so long ago?), it will allow players to float and fly around the game-world like never before.

Long live PC gaming!


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