GTA V Filmmaker Perfectly Captures Executives And Other Criminals

When it comes to GTA V fan videos, they usually fall in the camps of “serious, original narrative“, “original comedy“, “adaptation“, “adaptation comedy” or “let’s play/montage/youtube fodder”. While, granted, that is plenty variety, there is something missing there. A small niche, if we can call it that, of artistic renderings of GTA V in motion, just showing off how good looking this game is with a director’s touch.

Well, one particularly rich GTA Online player and a few of his equally rich friends decided to do just that. Youtuber and Executive “Berdu”, and three accomplices have taken to the Rockstar Editor to show off all the luxurious new content of the recently released Executives and Other Criminals DLC, focusing on, you guessed it, the yacht.

A few other new flashy vehicles are also shown off, mind you, such as one of the new cars, and a number of new sea vehicles, like the new speedboat and jetski, not to mention one of the new luxury helicopters.


The video focuses on three mates lounging on one of the gargantuan super yachts, drinking, swimming, dipping in the jacuzzi, and drinking some more.

The video is expertly cut, has a small slow-mo effect going for it all along, and features some awe inspiring, sweeping shots of the pristine yacht and the lights of the city behind it. The video also features a rather explosive finale just to top it all off.


The video has been making the rounds in GTA V communities, and has been getting universal praise, all but for a single recurring criticism which has been quite concisely summed up by one particular Reddit commenter.

What a sausagefest

Ahem. Yes, well, that could have been expressed more politely, but you get the picture.

Are you enjoying your new yacht in GTA Online, or endlessly grueling to collect all that cash?

Aron Gerencser
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