GTA 5 & Fast And Furious Is A Match Made In Heaven

The stars seem to have aligned this week. Once again, a franchise is crossed with GTA V which seems like an extremely obvious pairing when you think about it. A film franchise about cars, violence, crime and intrigue, which might as well look like "GTA: The Movie" on first glance either way, Fast and Furious has always been likened to Rockstar's hit game series in some way or another.

Earlier this month, following the release of the new ZModeler GTA V import/export feature, car mods for the game flooded the internet, and one such mod was Paul Walker's iconic ride from the movies.

Now, the legendary final scene of the film that started it all, wherein the two main characters of The Fast and the Furious, Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Connor compete in a drag race of epic proportions, is remade in GTA V, using the Rockstar Editor, of course.


As always, the video is extremely authentic, to a fault - literally. It incorporates all the errors of the original footage, with an extreme attention to detail to accompany them. The cars, the sounds, the timing, everything is spot on. The amount of time it must have taken to fine tune this creation is unimaginable.

The master behind this work of genius is none other than DomesticMango, a Youtuber who specializes in making and uploading GTA V videos.

The race is as much as a competition between the drivers as it is between ideologies. The sleek style of a Japanese tuner versus the brawn and force of an American muscle. Fans of each vehemently defend their side of choosing and furiously attack the other. This particular scene has forever been a hotly debated one among car oriented communities.

In the end however, all that we can ask is "why did this take so long?"

Aron Gerencser
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