GTA V Fan Artists Outdo Themselves

You guys have probably gotten used to how Rockstar occasionally publishes a collection of the best recent fan art on their dedicated news platform, the Newswire. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to fan art related to GTA V and other Rockstar properties, though the posts are typically dominated by works inspired by the massive open-world crime game. Both the fan art and modding circles show just how much talent and creativity can be found in the GTA V community. It’s this kind of effort and appreciation fans put into games that elevate them into the realm of art.

The two main attractions of this most recent batch is the series of art deco posters and also professional photos showing off the game’s sweet rides. These pieces we have here are seriously wallpaper material.

This first trio is the previously mentioned art deco poster series. Would you believe that these works are his first foray into the realm of fan art? You’d think that someone with such skill would already be well established and widely known.

deco1 deco2 deco3

Next up we have a few Snapmatic shots from the game. Now, if you first thought that these are professionally shot real-life photographs, we’ll forgive you. Mikhail Sharov is a genuine photographer when he isn’t playing GTA V – or, as of late, even when he is playing GTA V – who shoots vehicles for a living. You can clearly see how his work is guaranteed to pay the bills.

photo1 photo2 photo3

The following two works are, well, as creepy as they are impressive. Why bother with masks when you can turn your face into a pig with mere make-up?

makeup makeup2

Feeling hungry? Well, if this were Los Santos, you’d just hop in to the nearest Burger Shot and get yourself a Bleeder value meal. Well, you can have it in real life as well now, just in candy form.


Are any of you guys aspiring GTA V fan artists?

Aron Gerencser
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