GTA V Faces AMD Issues Once More

It seems that GTA V and AMD are just not right for one another. AMD graphics cards have suffered from issues with the game on multiple occasions in the past, with the same issues being fixed over and over again after re-appearing. With entire portions of the screen going black, to low-rez shadows and various crashes, AMD rigs have suffered every possible graphical bug and issue with GTA V over the months.


The issue became so prominent that AMD included fixing issues with GTA V in it's annual top 10 goals - something that a few players and AMD users found to be a bit ridiculous. However it was seemingly a smart move, as the bothersome shadow issues returned just one major driver update after the fabled Crimson drivers allegedly fixed the bug.


The last time around, the bugs were once again exterminated. However, some players have once again been reporting issues on rigs running AMD GPUs while playing GTA V after the recent driver update. Specifically, after the update the game would frequently crash while throwing the "err gfx d3d init" error message.


The rule of thumb for these issues is to roll back to the previous driver when everything worked, however obviously it proves to be an inconvenience for users, as they cannot enjoy the other benefits of the new drivers.

AMD isn't the only one suffering driver issues. Their counterpart, nVidia, has its own share of problems to deal with, though it isn't suffering GTA V specific issues. The most recent driver update for nVidia cards completely disabled entire PCs and allegedly bricked some hardware (unconfirmed).


This doesn't help AMD with their GTA V issues, however. Even stronger cards are struggling with the game, though not for lack of ability. The graphics bugs are universal, meaning it matters not how powerful a GPU you have running under the hood as long as it is AMD.

GTA V on PC is considered to be the peak of video game visuals by many players - provided we're talking about maximum settings. That has always required some serious beef in your rig to run at serviceable framerates. With AMD and nVidia leading the industry and being really the only options out there, as integrated graphics can't take the heat, players are at a bit of an impass.


Now, with both major manufacturers facing issues, what can GTA V fans do? Sticking to older drivers or jumping to console are the only two solutions currently, however picking the latter would lead to missing out on the bonuses of the PC version.

Beyond the superior visuals, the PC version of GTA V features modding support, allowing players who prefer a solo experience to expand their content. The lack of any single-player DLC having been released by Rockstar means Story mode is pretty much identical to what it was at release if un-modded.


Swinging back on course, we can expect AMD to address the driver issues with GTA V in a hotfix pretty quickly, so AMD users don't need to stick to outdated drivers for long.

How long do you think until the GTA V graphics issues return on AMD rigs after the fix is implemented?

Aron Gerencser
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