GTA V Event Awards Clothing

Fact of the matter is, gamers love collecting. Be it achievements, weapons, skins, clothes or… collectibles, if there is an x/y counter of it in game, players will want to max it out, get it 100%.

GTA players are no different, and oh boy are there collectibles in Grand Theft Auto V. For those of you seeking to accumulate all the wearable items in GTA V because you just can’t stand a wardrobe that isn’t full, Rockstar has a treat for you.


Following the launch of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, there was a one-time weekend event with some exclusive loot, including and Enema-0 designer shirt. For those of you who missed out, Rockstar is offering another chance. For a limited time, as a part of the bonus loot event, the shirt will be found in any crate drops in GTA Online.

If you missed out on collecting the weekend-exclusive quartet of designer tees, not to worry – we’ve got an additional bonus tee available starting today bearing the name of one of Portola Drive’s luxury retailers (pictured above). The Enema 0 t-shirt will be available in all Crate Drops for a limited time only – so jump in your Osiris or Swift Deluxe to race there first.

Giving players who missed out on the Ill-Gotten Gains weekend event another shot at this shirt isn’t the only treat Rockstar has for players who couldn’t log on at that time. They’ve put together a video of the event’s highlights so that you can catch up on the mayhem that the players and devs were up to when the luxurious content was launched.

Meanwhile, speculation regarding the next DLC pack for GTA Online is afoot. Newest developments suggest that it might not even be part 2 of Ill-Gotten Gains, but rather a special Independence Day DLC.

What do you guys think the next content drop will include?

Aron Gerencser
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