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GTA V Discounted For PS4 In Easter Sale

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Not long after the previous PS4 sale, GTA V will once again be available for cheap on  Sony's current gen console. Easter has become similarly commercialized as Christmas has and the time of the bunny themed marketing campaigns has started, which also means that video game sales are incoming en masse as well.


The Sony Easter Sale is split up into two periods, with different selections of discounted games during each. The first part of the double-sale as just begun and will last until the 30th of March, featuring a wide range of discounted games on the PS4, PS3 and PSVita.

Once again, GTA V is leading the charge with other popular AAA titles adding to the list. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is the other noteworthy title on discount, with both the standard and gold editions available at discounts. EA's E3 show-stealer Unravel and a few smaller Star Wars titles are also on sale if you're looking to expand your PS4 library.

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Rockstar's latest heavy hitter isn't the only GTA title on the list either. All the games from the 3D era are on offer as well, either as standalone PS2 ported versions, or as the updated HD Trilogy. If that isn't enough GTA for you, there are several discounted bundles of V with Shark Cards of various sizes.

The PS3 and Vita are also dominated by GTA for this sale. The same deals as the PS4 are present along with IV's Complete Edition, Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories. On the Vita, Chinatown Wars and Vice City Stories are the games on special offer.


Unfortunately, the second half of the double sale is devoid of any Grand Theft Auto games, but it has a solid roster of titles nonetheless - Battlefield, Broken Sword, Dragon Age, Metal Gear, Mortal Kombat, Bloodborne and much much more will be seeing a price cut through the sixth of April.

The fact that the GTA franchise is the most numerous among the discounted games, and reaches back the farthest in time only goes to show once again that these games are nigh immortal. Their value hasn't dropped with the passage of time. Many games from 2004 and before aren't even available anymore in any form, let alone at the forefront of a promotion by one of the industry's biggest names.

Will you be picking up any new or old GTA games during this Easter sale?


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