GTA V Discounted On Steam In Lunar New Year Sale

Despite being considered the definitive and most well rounded edition of the game, GTA V’s PC version just isn’t pulling in as many sales as the console releases. That is probably the reason why it is the version of the game. With various sites selling games at a lower price while still staying within the bounds of legality (if only just) and several large digital retailers holding sales every two days, it isn’t hard to buy a copy cheap.


Steam, arguably the largest digital retailer on PC, has had its share of run-ins with GTA V. Since that one debacle, everything has been legit and the retailer recently kicked off a new kind of sale celebrating the Lunar New Year. The traditional Chinese calendar does not work like the standardized Gregorian one, as their new year is linked to the movements and position of the moon. Each year is also assigned to one of their zodiac animals.

This year being the year of the monkey, small apes are the mascots of the Steam sale. There is a “choose your own adventure” style of catalog game going on to present you with a selection of games based on your decisions. While GTA V isn’t present in this little interactive gimmick, it is among the over 9,000 games currently on sale.


GTA V has still retained its full price of €59.99 (and USD$ – that’s not how money is meant to work, but whatever…), of which during the sale 33% has been sliced off. Players can now buy GTA V for €40.19, which is still pretty steep compared to other sales the game has recently seen on PC.

We’re not expecting any response from our normal GTA BOOM readers, but anyone out there that still hasn’t grabbed a copy of GTA V, for any platform?

Aron Gerencser
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