GTA V Discounted In Steam Winter Sale

Winter is here, the malls are playing Christmas music, the snow has fallen (or not), and bank accounts all over the world are quivering in fear of the inevitable Steam Holiday Sale. This December, Valve really out did themselves with a record breaking number of games being on sale at any given time. A gargantuan amalgamation of indie titles make up the bulk of the discounted games, however a wide range of AAA games also had their prices slashed.


Rockstar's GTA V is among the discounted games (for real, this time), with a 40% discount, going for €35.99 as opposed to the regular price of €59.99 (same prices in $, because, you know, screw economics and the customer). Considering the frequency with which GTA V is on sale, especially in these past months, you'd best hold off on this, as there have been, and will be, better prices for the game.

Due to the constant stream of massive free content updates for GTA Online, such as the recently released Executives and Other Criminals, it is understandable why Rockstar is keeping the game at its launch price when not on discount. Usually, even with AAA games, after more than two years after initial release the price tends to go down. Taking into account that the PC version is quite a recent release, plus the amount of resources poured into the free DLC, not cutting the standard $60 price tag, unless on sale, is perfectly justified.


Gta San Andreas

Other GTA games are also discounted on Steam for the Holiday Sale. GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas are €2.49 each, GTA IV is €4.99, with its complete edition costing only a single euro more. However you get three games in that package.

Who's picking up some good old GTA games this Holiday Sale? Or are you catching up with GTA V?

Samantha Lienhard
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