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GTA V Custom Parkour Map Speedrunner Sets Record

Depending on what your preferences are, custom super-hard "parkour" race maps in GTA Online are either the game's saving grace or damning bane. These races fill up the list of community maps made with the Content Creator.  Everyone who falls outside the very small niche that enjoys them finds it a chore to sort through it all. At the same time the core stunting and "parkour" community within GTA V's player-base spend most of their playtime on these maps and rarely venture into other game-modes.

These maps are built to be extremely difficult to traverse, forcing racers to brave massive jumps, long wall-rides, loops, jumping puzzles, traps and much more. Successfully completing such a parkour map requires perfect timing, an intricate familiarity with the map and your vehicle of choosing, lots of patience, skill and significant know-how as to how GTA's special brand of physics works.

Due to their difficulty many of these maps take quite a bit of time to master, however once you know how to get it done, they can be completed in a relatively short amount of time. This has led rise to the speed-running community within the aficionados of these GTA Online parkour maps.


Like in regular game speed-running, the competition has boiled down to vying between seconds and milliseconds. Racers record their runs to prove it whenever they topple a record, or, in the case of particularly challenging maps, simply to prove that they ran it successfully.

This particular video shows off one of the most difficult stunt maps currently out there, put together by notorious parkour map creator Retro maniA - you know someone is well known in an internet community when you only need to use half of his moniker, which also happens to be a rather common word.


The 3 minute and 18 second run is performed by Albert Beck from Evolve Stunting. Watching the video will show that physics, especially gravity and acceleration, don't exactly mirror reality in GTA V. The map features some insane wall-rides, vertical climbs and the fact that some of the textures don't load until you're close by doesn't help.

It's quaint that these maps have taken on the name of "parkour" maps, as that sport - if you can call it that - is focused on on-foot running and acrobatics. "Stunt maps" would be more suitable, or "bikour" if you're feeling creative.


What are your best times on some of the challenging GTA Online parkour maps?


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