GTA V Characters Read Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel’s show, whatever your opinion may be of the man, is certainly an influential aspect of popular culture. Of the many returning segments used during the run of the show, one of the most popular is where various celebrities sit down and read mean, angry or offensive tweets that are aimed at them, and then react.

While some of this can turn out quite funny, these are celebrities we are talking about, so most of the segment is pretty drab. If one were to switch them out for, say, various characters from the story of GTA V, you’d get more interesting reactions, yes?

Well, not really. Not to say that this isn’t miles ahead of talk shows, it’s just that it shines in the “tweets” themselves, and less the reactions. Most responses are simply some variation of “thanks”, though near the end there is some variety with Lamar and Lloyd.


The mean tweets themselves, however, are magnificent. They are made up of sections ripped from the game’s audio files and remixed, so that the characters read out the various insults in their actual voices. Considering how complicated all that probably was, its no surprise that the creator didn’t want to go through all of it again for the responses. This extra level of authenticity really adds to the overall appreciation of the video, and goes to show how much effort the author has put into it.


It must have taken an eternity to find all the right lines, and cut them together so that the intonation and punctuation all sound natural. The tweets themselves really do sound like the kind of mindless sludge that you’d find on the internet from people who are upset about things that don’t matter.

If this video were to have a follow up, which GTA V characters would you like to see responding to some mean tweets?

Aron Gerencser
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