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GTA V Car Duplication Glitch Still Works


We recently reported on the the new 1.28 update for GTA V, which contains Ill-Gotten Gains Part II, and also comes with Rockstar's newest anti-cheat protocol - which we've subsequently learned is messing with the game's performance and also the creation of mods. However despite Rockstar's anti-cheat methods, not one, but two infinite money glitches have been found since that update rolled out.

In order to work this new glitch needs players to have a garage with nine vehicles in it. Though technically this should work with any garage, the Unit 2 Poplar St. garage seems to be your best bet. One of the nine cars stored should be a Benefactor Panto. Drive the Panto out in-front of your garage, and blow the vehicle up with a grenade while you're still inside. If you're doing it right, you should be dead (don't read that often, do you?)

Once you've respawned, just nick any car from the street and phone Mors Mutual Insurance. With the insurance window open, drive back to your garage while holding both the accelerator and the brake. Once you've managed to struggle your way back to the garage, get ready for some precision button-pressing, as timing is crucial in this stage, and if you mess this up, all your work up until now was for naught. Once you're right up at your garage door, release the break and instantly, with lightning speed, press "X" or "A", depending on your system. If the stolen car rolls into the garage at the same time as the insurance claim is approved, that means you've succeeded. Go on over to the Job Lobby, and when you exit the lobby, the duplicated car will be waiting for you right there.

Rockstar tried to crack down on car dupers before, and while they are unrelenting in their hunt for cheaters, some always seem to slip through the cracks. How many of you guys have resorted to glitches to acquire in-game riches?


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