GTA V Better Arkham Knight Than Arkham Knight

One of the bigger gaming controversies of this year was the abysmally broken PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight, the fourth and final installment of the Arkham trilogy (yeah, AAA sequel milking works like that).


On launch, and even after several patches, the game still had unmanageable performance issues, game breaking bugs and would crash every 15 minutes. In fact, the game was so broken, that it was pulled from Steam entirely, and the dev team returned for a massive bug fixing session before re-release. Surprise surprise, the re-released version was still unplayable, so basically if you're on PC and want to play Arkham Knight, you're out of luck.



Or you were until now, that is. Arkham Knight's main gameplay addition is the drive-able, weaponized Batmobile. The almost-tank can drive itself if need be, so our caped crusader can jump between hand to hand and vehicular combat instantly.

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The way to get the Arkham Knight Batmobile into GTA V (kind of) involves the use of three different mods.  Firstly, you'll need the car itself, however strangely enough, it isn't the Batmobile you'll be downloading, but the Jokerfield. Jokerfield a joker-ified version of the iconic vehicle with two hands on the front wheel armor, two clown shoes sticking out of the rear and a grin on the grill.


The second is a texture mod which makes the Jokerfield black. Unfortunately, the hands, shoes and teeth stay on the vehicle, which is why we said "kind of". As of yet, there is no model for the Batmobile proper which works with GTA V.

The third mod you'll be using is Turbo Boost, which gives the jet engine exhaust on the rear of the car actual function. Add this to the already present weapons systems, and the Batmobile becomes quite the destructive little rustbucket.

Did you guys enjoy Arkham Knight? Mostly asking console players here.


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