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GTA V As Played By Ride Along 2 Stars

What happens when you put a popular GTA V Youtuber and the two stars of a recent movie that can be likened to GTA? Something rather dull at the best of times and extremely painful at worst, actually. Once you realize that the Youtuber happens to be one of those unoriginal screamers and the two "actors" are Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, we'll understand if your enthusiasm drops.

It's quite clear that the two guests are wholly uncomfortable with the situation, and this contributes to the video not being even remotely entertaining. The fact that they were put in a race instead of the open world already crippled the concept before the camera ever started rolling. We get that they're celebrities and all that but the point of these videos usually is the game. The streamer's face should either be in a small box in one corner, or in the best of cases, not shown at all.


Despite mostly being known as comedians, many will take into question the ability of either actor to be funny on camera, however this outing was a new low for both of them. Technically, this video does have quite a bit of marketing value, all they need to is caption it with "The movie isn't this bad".


Ride Along and its sequel are action-comedy films about cars, crime and satire. This means that it is similar to GTA thematically, except it's a film and got panned by critics and viewers alike. How they got a sequel green-lighted is beyond us, but if this is what the marketing budget was enough for, we'd guess that maybe it resulted in the pockets of the two leading actors getting a tad lighter.

Have any of you guys seen the new Ride Along, or were you spending your free time playing GTA V instead?


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