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GTA V Apartment Modded With Green Screens

I believe here at GTA BOOM we usually take or time to praise the GTA V modding community more than enough. I could for the umpteenth time get into how they're a group of dedicated and creative people laboring to improve an already fantastic game, but you've heard that and any number of variations on it already. Something that you haven't heard countless times is that one of the newer sub-categories is slowly clawing its way to the top.

Fan videos made with the Rockstar Editor are among the most popular unofficial GTA content out there. They're among the most watched videos on YouTube, with niche-specific creators like Merfish becoming pseudo celebrities.

Creating videos with the use of mods is hardly a new concept, however typically mods used in Editor videos are textures, skins or props. The rapidly rising sub-category mentioned in the opening paragraph refers to the mods which help the creation of videos from a technical perspective.


Pantyshot (we're not going to comment on that) has put together a mod which achieves excellence in its simplicity. The Lamborghini commercial - apartment greenscreen scene mod should be a part of every Rockstar Editor filmmaker's aresenal. It replaces all of the windows in one of the coastal villas with green screens.


Previous mods which fell into this category included Free Camera, the original Green Screen mod, the various post-apoc set-pieces and the massive Scene Director mod. When the ingenuity of modders meet the expertise of the hobbyist filmmakers, the result is usually beautifully simple, efficient, functional and user-friendly. Many of these mods add the kinds of features without which you wouldn't be able to live without after getting used to . These mods unshackle the true potential of the Rockstar Editor.

What technical mods do you use when creating your GTA V fan videos using the editor?


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