GTA V Announced 4 Years Ago Yesterday

Yesterday, we slipped over a rather significant landmark in the life of GTA V. Over the years, the game has grown in ways we could not have imagined previously. With countless GTA Online DLCs behind us, such as the Hipster, the Business, the Ill-Gotten Gains, the Freemode Events, most recently the Lowriders and the upcoming Halloween update, plus many more we have not listed, the game is much more today than what it was at launch.

The community has gamed through numerous GTA Online events, racking up riches and fame twice as fast. Players celebrated special dates such as Independence Day in GTA Online. Players have uncovered clue after clue, leading them towards unraveling the baffling Mount Chilliad Mystery. Players have discovered the secret of the Bigfoot. Players have created legendary videos with the Rockstar Editor, entertaining missions with the Rockstar Creator and artful shots with the in-game Snapmatic app.


And it all began four years ago, on the 25th of October 2011. Since then, the game has been released on 5 platforms. Since then, GTA V sold over 54 million copies, plus who knows how many millions in digital sales. Since then, Rockstar has fought a bloody war against the hackers and modders of GTA Online, and went so far as breaking the game entirely at one point. Since then, GTA V was discounted numerous times. Since then, the community has pulled together to create a digital art magazine dedicated entirely to GTA V.

Four years ago, the fans of the franchise went wild as the hastag with the much awaited “V” behind it was first tweeted by an official Rockstar source, confirming that the next big installment of the massively popular series is on its way. GTA V has dominated the gaming press ever since.

Four years of awesomeness. Rockstar, we salute you!

Aron Gerencser
Aron is responsible for the bulk of the news posts that you’ll find on GTA BOOM each and every day. He loves getting involved with the community and is an avid fan of all things Rockstar Games. When not covering GTA news, playing an RPG or anything sci-fi related, Aron spends his time working on his novel.


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  1. are we going to get gta 6 this gen??? consoles have been for at least 2 years.maybe instead of re creating gta5 for this gen maybe they should have made a gta 6. it will probally be another 2 years before we here about a gta 6. its like the want to bring 1 gta to each gen..gta 5 came out when the next gen consoles were released.

    im kind of ticked at them fir re creating gta 5 instead of bringing us gta6. it will be 2-3 more years before we see gta6. unless its announced at the next e3.time is ticking rockstar time is ticking.