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GTA V And Others Discounted In Halloween Steam Sale


The terrifying Steam sales. These are events which send wallets and credit cards rushing for the nearest sober-minded significant other or the pockets of a forgotten pair of trousers. The events which cause PayPal accounts to quiver, and savings to weep. It is during Steam sales that the already unmanageable backlog of a PC gamer grows even more, with a slew of titles they will most likely never even install.

There are, however, cases in which the sales go to good use, and a few gamers who think realistically, buy responsibly. This Halloween sale, however, with over 2,000 discounted titles, is geared more for the former.


Among those 2,000 discounted games is GTA V, which got a 33% price slash to commemorate the spooky event.  Going for £26.79 instead of the usual £39.99, this sale hardly brought the price down to its lowest, but it is still a significant rebate. So players seeking to get their hands on the PC version of the game cheaper, and haven't done so yet, have their chance.

Despite being the Halloween Steam Sale, horror games aren't the only ones on offer, as you can see from the fact that GTA V is discounted. The recent Halloween Surprise update does make GTA Online fit the theme, but one Adversary Mode is hardly enough to give the game the title of "horror". Other major non-horror games which you can grab at a discount are The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Bioshock Infinite. You can also pick up a wide selection of high quality horror games for cents, many of which have been praised by the community.

Strangely enough there are still plenty of people out there buying GTA V. Whether it is late adopters, last-gen gamers making the jump to PC or people just going like "oh, hey, this exists, why not?", GTA V still has a massive market, despite being years old.

Are you guys picking up anything during this sale?


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