GTA V Adapted For Razer Motion Controller

VR and AR are the new wave when it comes to the advancement of gaming tech. Graphical fidelity is nearing its peak, and the closer we get, the slower progress becomes. The Oculus Rift kicked off the VR craze, with all other big names in gaming jumping on the bandwagon. AR is also becoming more and more popular and usually goes hand in hand with the former. Many gaming peripheral manufacturers have come up with their own AR motion controllers.

Razer, one of the most popular (and unjustly disliked) peripheral manufacturers stands out in the field of experimental designs. They were among the first to get a functional, high-quality motion control system for PC onto the market. The Razer Hydra works extremely well compared to your average motion controllers, however it has one big flaw - compatibility. Back when it came out, being a pioneer product, barely any developers made their games compatible with the controller.



Even several years after the Hydra's launch, it was niche. Thus, Rockstar wasn't among those few who cared about it when developing GTA V. Luckily the PC version of GTA V was moddable - you can see where we're going with this.


A particularly dedicated modder, Joseph Delgado, has taken it upon himself to make GTA V compativle with the Hydra. Currently, his mod allows GTA V to recognize the Hydra controller and hand-tracking also works in a limited manner. The modder has stated that this compatibility patch is still very much a work in progress. Bugs need fixing and options need tweaking, but soon owners of the Razer Hydra will be able to use it with GTA V. Using motion controllers when aiming will certainly offer a whole new gaming experience.

If motion controllers would be more mainstream, do you think you'd use them for GTA V, or would you stick to KB/M and standard controllers?

Aron Gerencser
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