GTA V Actor Stars In VR Short Film

This here is fan made video taken to a whole new level. The folks over at Corridor Digital, whose GTA V related work has been featured before on this site, have managed to grab a hold of one of the voice and motion capture actors from Rockstar’s hit open world action adventure crime game. It should go without saying that this thing is extremely NSFW.

The short film, clocking in at just over 7 minutes explores a world where the most advanced VR headset is just a pair of sunglasses which require no connection to a ridiculously powerful PC, and renders a world which is visually indistinguishable from the real world. It also runs GTA.

In fact, it is a version of GTA where the fourth-wall breaking tutorial is delivered by none other than Trevor Philips himself. By which we mean, Steven Ogg, the actor who provided the voice and face of Trevor in the game. Ogg falls back into the role as if he never left it – or as if it wasn’t even acting at all – making the character instantly recognizable.

The world of GTA is also perfectly replicated by random jets crashing into police helicopters, a passerby being beaten to death with a baseball bat and other subtle hints at the fact that the fictional world of the game takes real world violence and cranks it right up.

Various easter eggs are seeded throughout the video that only players of the game will understand, such as Trevor getting particularly enraged by being called a “motherf%#@er” as well as the double reference to both mods and Online hackers, wherein Iron Man shows up and is promptly called a “f%#@ing modder”, once again by Trevor.


While the video really lays on the f-bombs, it fits the theme since GTA V’s script was pretty densely populated with them too. The Corridor team decided to go for a twist ending which I doubt many of you will see coming. The video has already accumulated almost 3 and a half million views, and we don’t doubt that it will reach 4 million soon enough.

Corridor Digital often takes inspiration from video games for their films, or outright pays homage to well known franchises such as in the case of this video. We’re quite impressed that they managed to get Steven Ogg to act for this, and he really carries the film.

Would you play this VR version of GTA?

Aron Gerencser
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