GTA Supposedly Linked To Real Life Crime… Again

Well, here we go again. Recently, one of the UK’s primary telephone companies was hacked. The website went down, and customers could not access their personal online accounts to manage subscriptions or contact online support. And who knows what other sorts of damage was caused that the company is keeping under wraps. Keep in mind that this is a rather major corporation, which undoubtedly employs a small troop of cybersecurity experts and specialists (or at least should be).

So, who hacked them? Was it a group of professional hackers hired by a rival company? Maybe an independent collective like Anonymous?


Nope, it was some 15 year old kid. Yeah. Embarrassing.

Ever since the hacker’s identity was discovered however, instead of riding on the fact that a 15 year old hacked a major phone service provider, a few papers (you can probably guess which ones) started focusing on the fact that the kid liked GTA V. Other games such as Resident Evil and Call of Duty are also mentioned, as the boy planned on being a professional player of the latter. However, it is the description of GTA V which leaps out as being the most typical.

The paper describes GTA V was “criminal mayhem” (alright, we’ll grant them that – we’ve used that term in a positive sense on this site as well) where – and this is the good bit – “players pick up hookers, have sex with them and then beat them to death”.


Yup, you’ve guessed it, this was published by the Daily Mail. How people take that publication seriously is beyond us, and based on the opinions of the vast majority on the web, neither can anyone else. Other, more reputable sources reporting on the story either downplayed or flat out neglected to mention the gaming angle, which shows that maybe the media has outgrown the childish mentality of “games are Satan”.

Do you guys know anyone spurred to real crime by GTA?


No one?

Thought so.

Aron Gerencser
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