GTA Online Cunning Stunts Snapmatic Winners Announced

When the Cunning Stunts DLC for GTA Online was released, everyone knew it would produce some of the greatest and most explosive snapmatic images from the game yet. Sure, the CEO snapmatic competition also yielded a pretty flashy action shot, but when the whole DLC is centered around dangerous and spectacular stunts, you know you’re in for some awesome pictures.


Of course, when a big update is released, it is inevitable that a snapmatic competition would follow and this was true in the case of Cunning Stunts too, meaning Rockstar would hand pick some of the best pictures the community had to show for itself. We imagine it was tough selecting five winners, as this DLC had plenty of material to produce dozens upon dozens of submissions deserving of the in-game GTA $1,000,000 reward.

But five it had to be and damn, these five really are the cream of the crop. While we did say last time around that we’re not entirely in agreement with the winning entries for the CEO competition, this time we too think each winner is a great choice. Interestingly enough, what is missing here are sweeping shots of countless vehicles leaping across wide gorges. Well enough, as this means we get some more original works here.


The first winning entry is a shot that could easily be on the cover of some reputable motorsport magazine. Three racers with attire appropriately paired with their steeds are leaning in a tight corner. Each of them are sporting the same outfit and same bike, albeit in different colors. While the shot isn’t exactly derivative, it’s definitely quality work.


The next shot has a surreal, dystopian feel to it, probably due to the high concrete walls of Trench 1 towering over the two racers added to the grayish filter. One bike is showing off its rear in a stylish pose while the other is leaping over it at an angle that leaves the spectator intimidated. The homogenous walls lead the eyes of the viewer to the center action in an obviously calculated phenomenon of perspective. We’re guessing the creator of this knows a thing or two about the theories behind visual arts.


Blue in front, orange behind and a slick Obey Omins tricked out for stunting in between. This top down shot of the iconic ride leaving a trail of flames as it drifts down the asphalt shows off some spectacular lighting effects and great color choreography. Talk about a trailblazer.


While until now the shots have been all about the racing itself, the fourth winning entry focuses on what happens immediately after – if you are the winner, that is. The larger-than-life shot of the winner of a race taking a swig of champagne with two pretty damn expensive rides in the background. The shot is colorful and vibrant, a great representation of what winning feels like.


Last up is an explosive, over-the-top and indulgent “walking away from the explosion” shot which takes the most basic approach to making a flashy snap. And we love it. With three racers slowly strolling towards the camera as a trio of cars explode in a firestorm behind them, this shot has everything it needs to blast into the top five.

The post also notes some honorable mentions, who may have slipped off the top five gaining a money reward, but are good enough to earn their creators fame by being featured nonetheless. The lucky winners of the Social Club sweepstakes have also been announced, however if you’re a winner you’ve probably already be contacted through other means.


Cunning Stunts brought to GTA Online a whole new facet of gameplay. While parkour maps and quasi-stunt races were something the community loved making using the content creator, quality maps were hidden gems in a sea of refuse.

Cunning Stunts made these maps official and with the upcoming release of the Stunt Race Creator, players will no longer be forced to utilize makeshift techniques to create such maps. Once the full prop-library used to make the official GTA Online races, as well as a heap of other props and new features are released, the fan-made race scene will be revitalized.


This newest GTA Online update is also notable for its rather blatant departure from the former status quo of being grounded in reality. GTA has always skirted spectacle with being over-the-top and satirical, however it generally stuck to things that you could reasonably experience in the real world.

Racing across life-threatening stunt courses laid with deathtraps and jumps which would be impossible to clear without the help of speed boosters, all the while being suspended thousands of feet in the air above skyscrapers? Nope, not something you’d be doing in real life.


While many assumed this would mean that future GTA Online updates would be brave enough to curbstomp reality, the recent discovery that the next update might actually be the long requested Biker DLC has put this theory on hold. Maybe Cunning Stunts is a glimpse of the future, but it is equally possible that it was a one-time excursion to the land of craziness.

Either way, the Stunt Race Creator will be launching on the 2nd of August, next Tuesday, bringing with it a full overhaul of the GTA Online Content Creator, adding tons of new props and features to the beloved tool.

Are any of the winning GTA Online players among our readers?

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