GTA And Self-Driving Cars Don’t Mesh Well

Surprisingly enough, Google is a lot more than that site you go to whenever you can’t settle an argument with your buddy. The company has their feet in countless pools of innovation, owning or funding various incubators, smaller and bigger Research and Development companies, or simply developing their own stuff.


Some years ago Google was merely a search engine. Today they make smart-glasses and self-driving cars. The browser in which I’m typing this is a Google product as well.

Speaking of self-driving cars, these AI controlled vehicles are one of the company’s more controversial projects. While many are too afraid to hand their lives over to a machine, advocates claim that the AIs are more secure than any human driver could possibly be.


Considering that the autonomous automobile has racked up almost one and a half million miles without an accident (that it caused, at least), chances are soon we’ll see a version that more people trust.

However the following GTA 5 fan video sure as well won’t win the project any supporters. The tongue-in-cheek “parody” of the self-driving car idea packs a healthy dose of GTA flavor satire. Knowing what kind of game GTA is as well as its player base will allow anyone to guess what kind of a video this is.

Long story short, the Google car when unleashed on the streets of Los Santos turns into a true death machine. It mows down PEDs, uses the rear end of another vehicle as a ramp and mows down even more PEDs. Then it proceeds to mow down further assortments of PEDs with a point-of-view camera angle recording it all.

The video sure feels like GTA, but we doubt the creator scored any good points with Google. Seeing as this was uploaded to YouTube, which is owned by Google, we wouldn’t be surprised if the video mysteriously… disappeared soon.


Then again, since human drivers are a hell of a lot more aggressive in GTA 5 than they typically are in real life, this can be written down for adherence with game mechanics. The people of Los Santos better prepare to bow down before their new four-wheeled overlords.

All we need now is for someone to mod this into the game, allowing players to spawn a Google car and have it drive them around. Add a “murder mode” which, upon activation, sends the vehicle into a bloodthirsty frenzy.

What are your thoughts on the self-driving car? Would you sit in one?

Aron Gerencser
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