GTA San Andreas Trailers Remade In GTA V

The long list of GTA San Andreas related content remade using/for GTA V has expanded yet again.

We've seen both the older game's intro and full first mission remade using the Rockstar Editor before as well as a boatload of "Franklin to CJ" mods being available for download.

This particular video is ticking all the Rockstar Editor check boxes. Recreation of a trailer? Multiple check. Recreation of old GTA content? Check. Same setting? Check. Authentic, scene to scene recreation? Check. It feels like the creator Ramsking is attempting to scientifically put together the "perfect" Rockstar Editor video.

The authenticity of the video is spot on. Some of the angles aren't right but that can be accounted to the basic differences between the two games. The standard variation in animations also comes into play but that should go without saying by now.


The video shows off recreations of three of San Andreas' trailers, all with a small comparison window showing the original in the top right corner. The familiar faces and locations really sell the atmosphere of returning to a good old place from fond memories even if it is less block-y and low-rez than it used to be.

San Andreas has the largest following of any older GTA game today being present in pretty much every top-list, lauded as one of the best PS2 games ever and considered by some to be even better than V within the GTA franchise. To achieve that kind of legacy the game really must have done something right. It was recently re-released on mobile platforms as well as current and last-gen consoles. Not having a machine to run it is no longer any excuse not to go back to play that masterpiece.

Do you guys have fond memories of San Andreas, or did you get into GTA later on?

Aron Gerencser
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