GTA: San Andreas PS3 Physical Version Listed

I think it's about time to begin calling October the month of surprises.

We've witnessed several seemingly baseless rumors turn out to be true, defying all odds. Not only did the Lowriders DLC turn out to be true, the rumors of which began all those months ago when a reference in the code was found to an upcoming content update with the code name "LOW", and twelve (four of which are still unaccounted for) new vehicle names. But the Halloween DLC that some players have been clamoring for is also on its way. With all of these entirely unforeseen occurrences, you'd think Rockstar has reached its surprise cap for the month, but you're in for a treat!

About a year ago, the Xbox 360 got a digital-only HD remaster of GTA: San Andreas, which, at the time, baffled most players. Rockstar also opted to keep the classic (which also happens to be the best selling PS2 game ever) off of the Xbox One. The HD remaster involved touched up graphics, longer draw distances, numerous bug fixes (and new bugs) and updated Xbox achievements. The same HD remaster also got a physical release this June, which was once again a move which confused many, as the current-gen console was once again left out of the fun.



Well, if a hastily removed Gamefly listing (and this Amazon one, which is still standing) are to be believed, the GTA: San Andreas HD remaster's physical release is coming to the Playstation 3 on the first of December. Currently, the PS2 classic version of the only incarnation of the game available on the PS3. However, there is no word on whether or not the new HD remaster will be available digitally or not, but considering the trends in the industry, you can bet that the game will see a PS Store listing too.

Any of you guys looking forward to reliving GTA: SA in HD on PS3?

Aron Gerencser
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