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GTA San Andreas Gets New Graphics Mod

Yeah, GTA San Andreas. You read that right, bud. Modders are working on bringing the old classic up to speed in terms of visuals with a complete graphical overhaul. We've seen the nigh unbelievable things modders have achieved with GTA V - let's see what they can do with good old SA.


The game is near 12 years old now and has established itself as a timeless classic, both within the franchise and within gaming in general. Many consider San Andreas not only to be the greatest GTA game ever released, but the best game ever released on the PS2 - and that's saying a lot considering the console's library.

San Andreas' age shows, as the game's visuals didn't age well. Most games from that era - when 3D was still relatively new, blocky and ugly - look worse than the pixellated 2D games which came before. This is why group of modders is so hell bent on revamping GTA San Andreas to make the game easy on the eyes by today's standards.


GTAForums user Marty McFly is something of a legend in ENB graphics modding circles. Sporting years of modding expertise to back up that Back to the Future username. He has been working on revamping the visuals of GTA San Andreas for quite some time now.

His mod has gotten quite a bit of traction in the media, as it has seen some publicity from the gaming press. With good reason too, as this seems to be the only San Andreas restoration project which is making as much headway. Marty hasn't publicly released his ENB shaders as of yet, but we're sure others will be able to enjoy his work soon.


Do you guys have fond memories of GTA San Andreas? Were you a fan on initial release, or did you jump on the bandwagon later on?


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