GTA San Andreas' First Mission Recreated Entirely In V

You thought the Rockstar Editor recreation of the GTA San Andreas intro was impressive? Well, in all honesty, it still is, however this one tops it and then some.

San Andreas is lauded by many as the best GTA game, either of the whole franchise or at least of the 3D era. Others even praise it as the best game ever to be released on the PS2.

It has seen several re-releases as ports to newer consoles and most recently a mobile version was developed as well as a current-gen port. Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reason, Rockstar has opted out of the Xbox One backwards compatibility program. Regardless, basically any PC today can run the game, so you can easily have a go at it.


Seeing as GTA V is set in the same fictional area as a portion of San Andreas' map, some common elements are shared and crossover fan content is aplenty.

Popular fan video channel Video Series GTA has gone to the trouble of creating an accurate cinematic remake of the intro plus the cutscenes from the first mission using the Rockstar Editor and a few smaller mods.

The team has gotten literally everything spot on about the video. Those of you who have played GTA: SA will be experiencing quite the nostalgic wave watching this. The dialogue, the locations, the character positions - everything is in the right place. The video looks like it *is* the first mission of San Andreas running under some elaborate graphics overhaul mod.

The attention to detail some people put into their Rockstar Editor creations just goes to show what a dedicated fanbase GTA has. Of course, you've got the typical bad apples, and plenty of them, but when looking at the core fans there are many talented people among them.

What are your fondest memories of GTA San Andreas?

Aron Gerencser
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