Video: GTA Remade In Real Life By Taiwanese Fans

GTA is hardly the kind of thing you would be encouraged to replicate in any fashion. Especially considering the fact that doing so will almost certainly land you right in prison. However, actual, real-life criminals notwithstanding, some avid fans of Rockstar’s famous video game franchise have gone ahead and done it all the same.

Not the “actual, real-life criminal” stuff, mind you. There are other methods with which one can replicate GTA without breaking any law – one of which is film making. GTA V, specifically, has been recreated in Los Angeles, showing off the landmarks which make a re-appearance in the game as well.

A group of Russian fans also created a re-enactment of GTA in their hometown, giving fans a feel for what the game would feel like if it were removed from the typical American setting.


Today, we bring to you a fan film which could very easily be mistaken for a Sleeping Dogs real life remake, with the important distinction that the video takes place in Taiwan, as opposed to Hong Kong.

A group of Taiwanese YouTubers, who also happen to be fans of GTA, decided to bring their favorite game to life in the streets of their city. The re-enactment is extremely authentic, with the same, iconic choppy movement “animation” which is typical of the older 3D era games. While this particular video lacks the HUD that was overlayed in the other two recreations, the third-person view, the “magical” barber shop and the flawless acting on behalf of all involved more than make up for it. The use of Snapmatic is just icing on the moon-cake.


GTA Taiwan would certainly be an interesting spin-off for players to explore. We said it for the Russian video, we’ll say it now. Rockstar really needs to explore making GTA games set in countries other than the USA.

What other real life GTA videos have you guys come across? Which is your favorite?

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