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GTA Online's Sultan RS Possibly Fixed, Banshee Tweaks Official


Despite being a rather small update, the recent GTA Online DLC which added the Sultan and the Banshee to Benny's Original Motorworks has made quite a few waves. Initially plagued by a rather destructive bug and later heavily criticized by players due to the poor performance of the new vehicles, it seems that things have been figured out. The addition of the new vehicles to Benny's have started a few rumors about more cars being added over time, and that the Roosevelt from the leaked Valentine's Day DLC will also have customization features.


The Banshee 900R and Sultan RS, which are the upgraded versions of the stock cars, were categorized as "Super-Cars" and could allegedly compete with the likes of the Progen and Zentorno. In reality, the Banshee 900R was slower than the stock car, and the Sultan was nowhere near super either.

Then suddenly one day the Banshee 900R started winning races. It didn't take long for several players to report a performance upgrade and for others to confirm the change. Despite the tweak being rather apparent no official word about it came from Rockstar.

Gta Online Karin Sultan Rs

Until now. An answer to a Rockstar support ticket has confirmed that the changes to the upgraded Banshee 900R were intentional and a result of the public outcry. Remember this kids the next time you whine about Rockstar not caring about their fans.

While the fixed Banshee made everyone happy, the Sultan RS was seemingly still kinda crap. However, much like the Banshee, it apparently changed over night with players reporting significantly improved performance as evidenced by the below image. It seems the Sultan just got the fix a tad later than the Banshee. Both new GTA Online cars are now worthy of their categories.


Are you guys satisfied with the performance tweaks the new GTA Online rides got?


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