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GTA Online's Snow Modded Into Single Player

Yesterday, some cars from Executives and Other Criminals. Today, the snow cover which was active in GTA Online during Christmas.

Tomorrow, mods to unlock future story DLC?

Well, one can dream, and while that last one is impossible, the modding community is still hard at work on making all your other favorite DLC content available in single player. Some of us just happen to prefer playing solo over the hacker-infested mess that public lobbies are in for GTA Online. Or maybe our crew members don't happen to be online at the moment, but you still want to enjoy all that DLC goodness which GTA Online has been getting.


Or, in this case, maybe you didn't spend your Christmas playing GTA Online and know that you'll probably be doing something else for New Year's Eve too, so you don't want to miss out on the snow that everyone is praising. Unfortunately, Rockstar decided against leaving the snow around for the period between the two events, but do not fret, as the GTA V Snow Mod + Snowball pickup 1.0.0 is here to save the day.

Experienced LSPDFR modder LMS has put together the single best snow mod out there which is free of the handicaps of most other similar files floating around. Namely, by using this mod, you won't cause all PEDs to be painted solid white, nor will the tire tracks in the snow be missing.

As the name suggests, the mod also contains the snowball pickup and throw mechanic from GTA Online, however without any other players, you won't be able to experience the impromptu friendly snowball fights which switched out the typical griefing in the multiplayer portion while the snow was actually around. Admittedly, modding Online content into singleplayer still has some shortcomings.

Are you looking forward to the snow returning to GTA Online on New Year's?


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