GTA Online's Slasher Mode Is Basically Manhunt

Rockstar really likes in-jokes and other in-house references in their games and they went all out including them in GTA V, gradually more so with the DLCs adding content to Online.

While this isn't as overbearing as Read Dead Redemption basically being “Grand Theft Horse”, references to previous Rockstar games appear in the game, or certain features in GTA V appear to be obvious allusions to these older creations. And since it is all happening within one developer, you can hardly call it plagiarism. Plus hey, if it worked well and was fun in the past, why not use it again? This is the good kind of development recycling (see CoD for the bad kind).



GTA V has had the essence of popular Rockstar games weaved into it since before theHalloween Surprise DLC for GTA Online. A less known Rockstar creation, Smuggler's Run, lives on as Trevor's optional side quests involving the smuggling of weapons and drugs, with similar game play, and even the same vehicle. The Midnight Club series makes a placebo comeback in the extensive customization options of Lowriders.


And now, with the release of the Halloween DLC, we can visit Carcer City once more without having to leave Los Santos. Manhunt, which happens to take place in the same fictional universe as GTA (Los Santos and Liberty City are mentioned) was an extremely controversial game (Blood! Gore! Think of the Children!) back in the day, but it also happened to be a really good one, and is fondly remembered.


The style of gameplay Slasher, the new Adversary Mode encourages is extremely reminiscent of the tense, claustrophobic feel of the classic, which saw protagonist James Earl Cash, a death row inmate, stealthily dispatch gangsters, mercenaries and psychopaths under orders from a snuff film director. The game is remembered as one of the best from the PS2 era, with its stealth mechanics praised to this day.

Did any of you get Manhunt vibes while playing Slasher in GTA Online?

Aron Gerencser
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