GTA Online’s Short Bonus Event Nearing End

With GTA Online: Bikers launching worldwide tomorrow, Rockstar decided to shorten the timespan of their typical bonus events from one week down to just three days. Today is the final day on which you can enjoy the bonuses and promotions which began on the 30th of September, allowing you to gear up and get ready for tomorrow’s release, which will undoubtedly bring with it its own set of promotions.


While this event skips the double cash promo (though there is still a way to earn double RP), it makes up for it by running a lot of discounts – and we mean a lot – on some of the more expensive investments the game has to offer. There is also the designation of the new weekly premium race, though chances are that goes without saying. However, in a welcome surprise, Rockstar has decided to bring back the limited edition clothing items, which can be unlocked simply by logging in to GTA Online while the event lasts.

This weekend event clearly caters to career criminals, as many of the often expensive properties, goods and items needed by CEOs are discounted. All executive offices – which start at one million full price – are half off, allowing you to save massive amounts of cash if you’re just now jumping into the black market business, or if you feel the need to upgrade and get a better view.


While having a fly office is one thing, you’ll need to invest in your black market dealings as well lest you become the most broke big-office-owner in the lobby. All warehouses, which are essential for crate missions, enjoy the same discount.

Though running crates in GTA Online is how criminal CEOs bring bread to the gold-plated, diamond lined table, they also need to think about creature comforts every now and then. As such, the decorations for your new discounted office are also easier on the wallet by 25%.


But none of this accounts for anything unless your warehouses have merchandise in them waiting to be sold. While all crates are valuable, some cargo is particularly sought after, and has an according price tag. Special cargo crates are 25% off while the event lasts, allowing you to turn an even bigger profit through successful sell missions. That said, beware the dangers of GTA Online, as valuable cargo makes you a valuable target.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony added a number of special vehicles to GTA Online, including the Brickade, the Tug and the Cuban 800, which are particularly useful for CEOs. These vehicles can be upgraded in various ways via warehouse workbenches, for a price. Through today, that price is 25% less than usual.


As we mentioned earlier, all players who complete the insurmountably difficult task of simply logging in to GTA Online and strolling down to the nearest clothing store will be treated to the limited edition Yellow Swirl Pajamas and Smoking Jacket for free. Continuing the theme of CEO-centric promotions in this event, the clothes look perfect for some relaxation in your luxury yacht.

A massive assortment of vehicles are also on offer at a discount price today. Now that as a CEO, you have the properties and the clothes to match, how about you pick up a Benefactor Turreted Limo at 50% to provide you with ample… safety on the roads? You’ll also want to flaunt your net worth while soaring the skies, possibly with a 25% off Swift or Luxor aircraft. The discount also applies to Deluxe variants.

Swift Deluxe

If you value speed over luxury, Rockstar has you covered. Two newcomers added in the Cunning Stunts DLC, as well as an older fan favorite are discounted at Legendary Motorsports. Grab the Annis RE-7B, Emperor ETR1 and Progen Tyrus at a 25% discount before the event is over!

Amid all of this pandering that CEOs get throughout this event, Rockstar hasn’t forgotten that they’re launching what is arguably the most anticipated GTA Online update ever tomorrow. As such, all bikes – and we mean all – are running at a 25% discount. Though this is a nice gesture, we don’t quite get it, since most players are likely saving up for all the new bikes that will be added to the game tomorrow. Oh well.


Veering back to the whole CEO theme, various services which any discerning crime boss often undoubtedly leans upon are available at lower rates. Enjoy a 50% discount on all Merryweather and Lester services, as well as Pegasus vehicle deliveries.

Just in case you thought the CEO-centricity will stop with the discounts, you were wrong. The double RP promo on offer through today rewards you with twice as much reputation for completing VIP and CEO missions and challenges, as well as getting twice as much out of the CEO proximity RP bonus as an associate. Completing Heists, which most players do anyway, also offer this bonus.


Finally, the new premium race has also been designated, and to the surprise of absolutely no-one, it just so happens to be yet another Stunt Race! Locked to bikers, this week you’ll be speeding along Afterburner for the fight to finish in a podium position. Premium races only provide money rewards for the first three finishers, however all participants benefit from a triple RP reward.

Rockstar clearly tried to pack a massive bundle of significant discounts in their event leading up to the launch of Bikers, which will happen tomorrow.

Have any of these promos caught your eye, or are you too hyped about Bikers to pay much attention to these discounts?

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