GTA Online’s PED Spawning Chopper Blades

Yeah, that headline is for real. GTA Online has plenty odd glitches here and there. Some of them are harmless, some of them are beneficial for the players. An ever decreasing number of them are game-breaking, but those are easy to avoid.

Glitches are very different from hacks and mods, as they require no outside files or third-party tampering. Glitches are kinda like bugs in the way that they’re already in the game due to mistakes in the game code. Our policy on glitches changes on a case-by-case basis, as we discourage the use of any glitch giving players an unfair advantage.

This one, however, is entirely harmless, but more than a bit hilarious. Then again, if you learn how to aim the PEDs strategically… but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. This glitch was first discovered by Redditor You_got_fragged, and later recorded on video by Overlord37.


Now, most glitches “make sense” in the way that they are the result of flags not being set or a few mistyped integers causing some mishaps. This one, however, is insane. Just tracking down what the hell caused this thing would be an interesting exploration of programming.

Either way, all you need to do this glitch is a helicopter on one of the enhanced edition versions of the game (meaning there is a first person mode). Get into the chopper, lift up a few feet from the ground, enter first person mode, bring up the menu, check your friends list, wait for it to load and exit.


To see what happened, you’d do best to switch to third person. Oh! What’s that corpse doing there? Repeat the glitch and switch to third person quickly to see a PED spawning in between the blades of the chopper rotor and promptly dying due to said blades spinning at high velocity.

Now, all that remains to be done is to perfect your dead-body-launched-by-helicopter-blades aiming skills in order to gain the tactical advantage. Imagine all the possibilities! Someone is trying to shoot you down? Launch a dead body at them and shoot them right back while they’re stunned in amazement.


Go off the radar, fly over your intended trolling victim and drop a body. They’ll freak the hell out and not know how this happened. If you’re sneaky, you can fly away before they ever think to look up. Repeat this several times to make them think their game is possessed by a demon or something.

Use this to spread fear. Join up with a group of associates rolling with a CEO in a populated GTA Online public lobby. Get the other associates to arm up and act as proper escorts while you fly around seeding your intended route with countless corpses as warning to any trolls or griefers who want to try any funny business. You’re literally tossing dead people out of a helicopter en-masse to decorate your path. Who would mess with you?

What other uses can you come up with for this particular GTA Online glitch?

Aron Gerencser
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