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GTA Online's Payphone Hits Pay Big

Blood money keeps the Los Santos underground running like a well lubricated machine, and Franklin Clinton's Agency doesn't shy away from some wet work. Payphone Hits are at the center of this week's Grand Theft Auto Online bonuses, with overall focus being paid to content added to the game with The Contract.

Payphone Hits are one of the quickest and most accessible elements of The Contract, where you need to take out targets for the various wealthy clients of The Agency who do not want to be involved with any dirty work, but need certain "obstacles" removed. Payphone Hits are paying out an extra 50% GTA$ and RP, while also boosting the standing of The Agency.

For the duration of this week's bonus cycle, Franklin will have more available Payphone Hit jobs than usual, so you can call in whenever you wish secure in the knowledge that a new target has been lined up without any waiting time.

Assassination Bonuses will boost your final payout even more than usual, and if that isn't enough incentive, completing any three Payphone Hits (whether you achieve the bonuses or not) will pay out a one-time completion bonus of GTA$200,000. To help out with the extra workload, Supply Stashes from Franklin are free this week.

If you are still catching up with content and want to tangle with another famous Los Santos hustler making a return from the GTA 5 storyline, now is a good time to play through Gerald's Last Play, as the story missions involved will pay out double the usual rewards.

The great wheel of cyclical content availability turns once more, bringing back Hunting Pack (Remix), Running Back (Remix), and Hippy Hunting this week. Running Back (Remix) is the lucky choice among the returning Adversary Modes, paying out double RP and cash. Meanwhile, Business Battles and Criminal Damage ramp up the rewards to 3x.

The Dinka Sugoi is this week's Prize Ride Challenge reward, and it joins the Annis S80RR, and Albany V-STR on the Test Track letting you try it out and seeing if it's worth the effort. The Vapid Flash GT is up for grabs from the Lucky Wheel down at the Diamond Casino and Resort.

This week's discounts are much more armament focused than the usual vehicle-heavy selection, and include the Heavy Rifle for 30% off, the Coil Stun Gun for 25% off, the Coil Compact EMP Launcher for 25% off, The Contract Weapon Finishes for 30% off, and a blanket 30% discount on body armor and ammo.


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