GTA Online's Newest Car, Karin 190z, Accompanied By Major Discounts

Right on schedule, Rockstar has released Grand Theft Auto Online's newest DLC vehicle into the wild, alongside promotions and discounts.

Unfortunately, it seems the complex "something-week" event structure we had for the past two weeks was a fleeting affair and we're back to a single-activity take on the bonus RP and cash. Though the extensive discounts are enough to make up for that.

But first, the star of the event is without a doubt the new car.


The Karin 190z is a Sports Classic vehicle based primarily on the Nissan S30 and Toyota 2000GT. It mixes the elements of those two vehicles at a nearly equal rate to get this hybrid. A hugely popular Japanese classic, this is bound to be a favorite of collectors even in spite of the relatively high price tag of GTA$ 900,000.

Compared to the way it should handle based on the source material, the 190z is actually pretty decent with passable speed and handling. The rear can spin out if not handled with care, but if you slap a spoiler on it, the car will stay glued to the road even if you crest a hill at full speed.

It's not going to dominate the racing scene of its class, but it's competitive, which can justify the price. Also, it looks really bloody good. Note that a minor bug has been left in the option to open rear doors in the interaction menu, in spite of the car only having two.

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As opposed to the usual offering of a double RP and GTA$ promotion on some Adversary Mode, Rockstar shook things up this week by applying that bonus to a different, and much more lucrative, activity in the game, allowing for an even greater measure of cash acquisition.

Smuggler's Run missions pay out double through the 26th of February. Additionally, Bikers missions will also earn you more than usual by 25% percent, which is also a decent way to rack up cash if Smuggler's Run missions aren't for you. We've got guides-a-plenty for Bikers and Smuggler's Run too, by the way.

Rockstar really upped the ante with this week's discounts, starting out with 25% off upgrades and supplies for your Bikers business, which ties in nicely with the bonus 25% returns on sell missions. Additionally, in case you prefer good old CEO work by shipping crates, Special Cargo Crates will cost 25%, increasing the profit margin on their sales.

Further discounts focus mainly on non-conventional vehicles, with a 30% discount on all yachts (check out this post before you jump onto the top model), a 30% discount on all yacht renovations making customization all the more appealing, and a 30% discount on all Mobile Operations Center cabs and upgrades.

Additionally, your mission-specific properties will be cheaper to upgrade in case you need some additional facilities. Bunker renovations will cost 30% less, while adding an Aircraft Workshop to your hangar will be 25% cheaper. In terms of regular vehicles, a 30% discount applies to the Ocelot Pariah, Ocelot XA-21 and Coil Raiden. Finally, both The Doomsday Heist clothing and tats from Import/Export are 25% off. It's nice to see that the magical 25% is outnumbered by 30% discounts this time around.

Next week will see the release of the final drip-fed weekly vehicle DLC tied to The Doomsday Heist, meaning we'll be getting more substantial DLC sometime in March - keep an eye on our feed for news!

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