GTA Online Executives and Other Criminals: The New Yacht

Executives and Other Criminals is all you’re going to be reading about right now if you search for GTA Online. The new content adds an unprecedented amount of new content, backed by the first new tiered feature to make use of the Freemode Events style advanced framework.


One of the most awaited features of the new DLC was the new yacht. Some players were saving up for the undoubtedly expensive luxury vehicle ever since the leak that revealed its existence, and thus buying it was the first thing they did when the new DLC released.

These players have posted as many details about the yacht as they could figure out in the short time since launch, and a few interesting new features have popped up.

Currently there are three kinds of yachts you can buy, costing $GTA 6, 7 or 8 million each. Once you’ve bought your base model boat, the upgrades are only visual, with no functional changes. However, if you’re buying a high-end model, you’ll be getting some additional vehicles with it, such as one of the new helicopters.


While the trailer clearly showed several scenes where the yachts were under attack, the ship itself is entirely indestructible. The vehicles aboard are vulnerable though – so take care. You can allow people access to the “apartment section” of the yacht much the same way as with any other property in GTA Online. You can set it to vehicle access, opening up the garage, or just character access, where you have the usual options of just yourself, your crew, or anyone.

There is also a weapon system which you can choose to have on or off, that automatically takes out any vehicle which comes near the yacht, usually in a single shot, and it cannot miss. The yacht is also always moored, and cannot be driven, however you can change location for a fee of $GTA 25,000.

Are you going to buy a yacht in GTA Online, or is this out of your price range? If it is too pricey, then why haven’t you been saving!?

Aron Gerencser
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