GTA Online's New Roosevelt Versus The Old

Valentine's Day may be behind us but the celebrations in GTA Online continue full swing. The weekend event won't be over until Thursday so you'll have plenty of time to cash in on the double RP and $GTA promo going for the new Adversary Mode. Most importantly however, for the first time in the history of thematic DLCs the special items are here to stay. You don't need to buy up all the special Be My Valentine DLC content before some arbitrary deadline after which they're gone until next February.


Among these special items, the first of the DLC's content to be leaked, is the all new Albany Roosevelt Valor. The old-timer evokes the feeling of the retro beauties people used to ride around in around the 50's. If you've gotten yourself a Gusenberg Sweeper and a matching tux, this ride is essential to complete your retro gangster look.


Some of you may remember the Roosevelt from last year's Valentine's Day DLC, albeit in a slightly different form. Rockstar had given the ride a bit of a facelift, owing to the previous version being last-gen. The new Roosevelt Valor has a more detailed model and more visual polish all around.

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It's also more expensive by GTA$ 220K. Rockstar has also made the old Roosevelt available for purchase once again, and the price difference stood out quite a bit. Are a few visual changes worth that much cash?

Technically, the Valor does have a minute performance advantage. The Valor hits top speed 2 seconds sooner and has an optional spare tire that can be added which acts as a spoiler, improving traction. The wider range of visual customization options may also account for the increased price point. Unfortunately, it seems that the fan theory regarding the Valor making its way to Benny's fell through.

Have you guys picked up a new Valor, or are you riding around GTA Online with your older Roosevelt from last year?


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