GTA Online’s Most Wanted Car Upgrades

GTA Online allows you to customize your rides extensively, however there is always room for growth. Since this is a game in which you’ve got good chances of getting shot at, and being forced into some dangerous maneuvers when racing and escaping, more upgrade options would complement gameplay greatly.


GTA Online sees some seriously tense battles (provided you’re playing free-aim) and some heated races, with a large stunt aficionado subculture to go with it. Vehicles are central to all of these activities, with them being the primary means of getting players from one battleground to the next, they’re the things in which you race (obviously) and stunt (also obviously) in.

Something that has been annoying several players is the possibility to one-shot someone through a window with the lock-on aim mode. Vehicles with large windscreens and windows act as large metal coffins instead of methods of escape in firefights due to this phenomenon, which prompted the idea of the first suggestion – bullet-resistant windows.


This upgrade, for the sake of balance, should be fairly expensive, and would need to be repaired independently of the vehicle itself, and different levels should be implemented. However, bullet-“proof”, i.e. invincible windows should definitely be avoided.

The second option, which sure as heck has a ton of potential for much more “unscripted-awesome” to make its way into GTA Online, would be the addition of deployable vehicle-parachutes. Whether used to slow the vehicle down quickly for better control, or to allow your ride to land without suffering too much damage in order to pull some insane stunts without mods would make this addition wildly popular.


The parachutes themselves should be a consumable resource, and different grades of quality should be available. The less likely the ‘chute is to rip, the more money you’ll have to pay.

What kinds of new vehicle upgrades would you like to see in GTA Online?

Aron Gerencser
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