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GTA Online's Longest Jump Challenge Tips


With the Freemode Events weekly event going on in GTA Online currently, players have the opportunity to rack up some sweet cash and work towards the next rank with the double RP and GTA $ promo going on for each of the randomly spawning mini-missions introduced with the titular update.

When Freemode Events was released, it brought with it a large amount of smaller activities and challenges which would allow players to pass the time and earn cash while messing around in the game's open world. Or, you know, just have fun. Which is kind of the point when playing a video game.

But we digress: these events made GTA Online's freemode become a place where players enjoyed spending time playing these unique events and challenges, instead of a place where they were just waiting for other players to arrive in order to kick off a heist or something.


Freemode Events also brought several other gifts, such as the debut of the Rockstar Editor on PS4 and Xbox One, allowing Rockstar to begin hosting cross-platform GTA Online video competitions, the most recent of which was the #CEO video contest. Now, Rockstar has decided to dedicate the next week to Freemode Events by making it the theme of the event.

This event week has been preceded by a few others already since the release of the latest GTA Online content update. Rockstar tends to fill up the space in between DLC releases with these events to prevent the players from getting bored, and seeing as this is the third event in a row with no announcements, you can expect some big news to arrive soon.

Freemode New

In any case, players will want to take advantage of the double cash and RP benefit for all Freemode Events, and we decided to help out in this regard. Freemode Events didn't only add concrete joinable missions like Hunt the Beast or Penned In, but it also included randomly triggered community challenges which would include all players in a session simultaneously. These GTA Online challenges included things like longest wheelie, highest freefall, most headshots and more.

One of the challenges on the list is longest jump in a vehicle. Now, you can't cheese this by getting a mate to take your car up as high as possible in a cargobob and drop you, since only horizontal distance counts. Some players consistently manage to win these challenges, earning themselves some easy GTA $ and RP. How do they do it? They know the best locations of jumps.

Car Jump

Now, some of you might look at this article and think that it's common knowledge, but you'll be surprised how many players are not aware of the best jumping locations on the GTA map. Having a keen understanding of the open world map helps locating the best ramps or mountains with the best run-ups in order to pick up the necessary speed to get the high score.

These suggestions and tips come from a number of players in the GTA community who responded to a question made by a fellow player asking which locations are the best for this challenge. You can check out the original thread here. The following tips are adapted from the comments below.

South Face of Mount Josiah

This suggestion came in the form of a video wherein the player shows where from you should begin your jump. Granted, the video displays a different challenge going on, and the player hits an outcropping mid-way breaking the fall, but aiming a tad to the left compared to him will get you one of the longest jumps possible.

True, the height of the jump is significantly greater than the horizontal distance, but regardless, you'll be racking up significantly more feet than most other players who aren't in the know. The player posting this could not say an exact number for the distance you'll make with the jump.

Path North of Vinewood

In this case, the suggesting players could give us a ballpark range for distance you'll get: a tad over 1000ft. The jump requires you to drive up a slightly winding stretch of road north of Vinewood in order to pick up speed, after which you must drive up a small outcropping of hill which forms a natural ramp.

Be careful to dodge traffic, as the challenge is on a timer and you might not make it back to the intersection where the road begins and then all the way to the ramp again. That said, this is possibly the best spot both in this list and the whole game.

Aqueducts by the Helipad

This one might be tricky to manage with a high-speed, low-suspension super car, though you'll need the speed such a vehicle can offer. The lead-up where you accelerate has puddles which, when hit, can slow you down significantly. There is a ramp at the end of the aqueducts which will launch you forward. If you can't quite find the location, look for it south of the Alta Apartments property and the Mors Mutual spawn location.


Behind Paleto Bay's Beeker Garage

While some of the others seem like the kind of things the players ingeniously discovered, this one feels like it was specifically constructed for this purpose. The ramp is at a perfect 45 degree upward angle and there is a long, straight run-up space allowing you to gain enough speed to jump an insane distance. This is easily accessible and one of the best jumping locations even among those on this list.

Now, we've opted to list several of these instead of picking the single "best" one because they're scattered all over the map of GTA Online. Longest Jump is a timed challenge at 5 minutes, so maybe when it initiates you won't be near the single best jumping location. With this many options, chances are you'll be within distance of at least one of these locations in order to make your winning jump in time.


You might also think that by making a list of these and publishing them, they inherently cease being good suggestions because if everyone uses the best jumping locations, using them will no longer be an advantage. However, keep in mind that GTA 5 has sold almost 70 million copies not counting digital sales.

If only half of those players still actively play the game, and half again play GTA Online, you still have 17.5 million people playing. Now, we might be the most popular and frequently visited Grand Theft Auto related fan-site, but we don't have 17 million readers. Honestly, probably things like CNN and BBC don't have 17 million readers...


Point is, chances are that whenever you're in a public lobby you'll be the only one who knows of these best jumping locations - and if you're not, at least there is some challenge added making victory all the sweeter. Make note of these locations in GTA Online and try them out whenever the prompt pops up for some sweet double RP and cash while the current event lasts!

Oppressor Method

Ever since the Pegassi Oppressor was added to the game, this challenge got a whole lot easier. Note that you need the regular Oppressor for this to work - since the Mk II can actually fly, the game does not register airtime as a jump. Basically all you need to do is go to the high ground, jump off, activate hover mode, and glide over to some other also high, but somewhat lower, platform or clearing suitable for landing. You'll ace the challenge every time.

Which longest jump location in GTA Online is your favorite? Do you often win when using it? Typically how many feet does it net you?

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  1. Didn't even hit that one and I have Trever going 1823.34ft with a height of 133.95ft.2 flips 1 spin Franklin 928.49ft height 176.49ft

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