GTA Online’s Last April Lowrider Revealed

Based on the previous two in the queue, this new GTA Online event and update announcement is a surprise to no-one. Some time ago an alleged release schedule for April’s DLC was leaked and the releases since have not only confirmed the dates, but the content too. With the third lowrider closing the list of the releases, the second sports themed Adversary Mode hasn’t been revealed yet, meaning the guys at Rockstar still have something in store for the last week of April (those of you who also have their exams in May, kiss those good grades goodbye!).


Rockstar’s recent tendency to release smaller drips of content more frequently have given some players the idea that they’re working up to something big. Whether we’re looking at another large-scale update like Executives and Other Criminals, possibly some single player content or maybe a whole new game announcement is anyone’s guess.

In the mean time however, we’ll have to make do with yet another fan favorite ride making its way to Benny’s Original Motorworks with some sweet new customization options. The Sabre Custom is GTA Online’s newest lowrider – a return to form after the slight deviation of the Minivan, a rather unusual choice for a lowrider. The Sabre fits the general portfolio of your usual lowriders pretty well, while managing to add a sporty spin to it.


The Sabre Custom will be made available on the 19th, next Tuesday – the same day each other April lowrider hit the game. The cars will be available for purchase from Benny’s Original Motorworks directly, however you can also take the base rides to the special garage for an upgrade. If you’ve been playing GTA Online for a while, you’ll know that this will cost you quite a bit.

A beauty like the Sabre Custom deserves a place in your garage – but what do you do if you don’t have enough space to store it? Instead of dumping one of your other beloved wheels, you could take advantage of the 20% discount on all properties, including standalone garages. Of course, this isn’t too much consolation for those of you who already own the maximum number of properties.


With new cars being the name of the game this month, comment sections under GTA Online news posts are usually dominated by requests for an increase in property owning limit. This number has already been increased several times over the course of the years via various DLCs.

Depending on whether or not Rockstar wants to roll with the Lowriders theme in the future – though a breath of fresh air would be nice – allowing players to own more properties might be a prompt decision.


In the mean time, this event will also help you fill the wardrobe of your new home(s). Various clothes, as well as other character customization items like hairdos and tattoos will be discounted by varying percentages, with 50% being the biggest rebate on offer.

Rockstar is also giving players incentive to take their new lowriders out for a spin – double RP will be awarded throughout the event for impromptu races, having a mate or two tagging along on the backseat or by playing the special Event Race playlist. The more the merrier, as the saying goes – the RP multiplier will go up depending on how many of you are riding along.


The double RP event playlist will once again rotate between three sub-types, which this time around are Super Car Racing through the 17th, Lowrider street races through the 19th and finally mixed road races until the end of the event, on the 21st.

There are some other useful bonuses this week as well. Namely, all Mechanic services will be completely free during the course of the event. No fees for saving your ass – and vehicle – while out on the road if the shit hits the fan, which, in GTA Online, it often does.


Finally, in what will probably turn out to be the most lucrative promotion for Rockstar in this event, Shark Cards will now provide more in-game currency for the same amount of cash. Just like the previous Shark Card promo, the larger the card the larger the bonus. The Bull Shark gives you +15%, the Great White comes with +30%, the Whale Shark with +%35 and finally, in the most impressive promo, the Megalodon adds 50% for free.

That means you’ll get 12 million instead 8 million – a massive difference when talking about GTA $. It’s this promo that pushes the Megalodon into the price range of the biggest and most expensive Yacht in GTA Online with enough cash to spare for two lowriders.  Either that, or you can stack up on the bonus cash for use in future DLC. If you’re ever going to buy a Shark Card, now is the time.

Which part of this GTA Online event are you most looking forward to? The new lowrider or the Shark Card promotion?

Aron Gerencser
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