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GTA Online's Heaviest Vehicle Just Got Heavier

Following in the footsteps of the Karin Technical Custom, another long-time favorite vehicle has gotten a facelift. Alongside the new car, a bevy of double GTA$ and RP promotions are on to keep players busy, while discounts help you spend that hard earned cash.

The newest GTA Online DLC has revamped another car from the massive Heists update of yore, this time taking on the vehicle which some experimentation recently revealed to be one of the most resilient in the game - the HVY Insurgent Pick-Up.

The Custom variant allows for a greater number of personalization options, such as liveries, other upgrades, a minigun upgrade and more. Most importantly, the vehicle can now be saved as a personal vehicle. The Custom upgrade costs GTA$202,500 and can be applied in the Mobile Operations Center vehicle upgrade shop module.

When it comes to double RP and cash promotions, Rockstar didn't hold back this time around. Beyond extending the promotion for the newest Adversary Mode, Power Mad, the highly praised Deadline mode and all Mobile Operations Missions are also dishing out double rewards.

In case you have yet to jump into the highly lucrative Gunrunning business, Rockstar is giving you a hand in that matter too. Buying a bunker is the first step towards dominating the illicit weapon market, and they can be quite expensive. Through the 7th of August, the Farmhouse bunker will be 30% off, the Smoke Tree Road bunker will be 25% off and the Grapeseed bunker will be 10% off.

If you prefer speed over firepower, two of the game's hottest supercars have also been discounted while the event lasts. Both the Grotti X80 Proto and the Ocelot Lynx are 25% off, and if you don't happen to have anywhere to put these cars, extra garage properties have the same percentage discount.

Additionally, all players who log in before next Tuesday - when the next event will likely start - will receive a free Knuckleduster Pocket t-shirt in-game which won't be available in any other way once the deadline passes.

While it's unlikely that next week will mark the release of any major update on the same scale as Gunrunning (since such a release would get some fanfare) we're hoping something a tad more substantial than just another car will be added to the game.


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